eyes open wide

dark light

i close my brain

want not to hear

wo-men fighting for power

to be the best


to be the first

what a confusion!

all quiet here

vallée sans larmes

fine to take off

sound on - click & click - roll over


SAFARI or FIREFOX :: Plug in : Shockwave

Attention :: Ces sites contiennent des fenêtres Pop up ! / Warning :: Pop ups on these sites !

tamara lai

© all rights reserved Belgium 08

tell a mouse

'Deminages' MAMAC (Liège, BE) 08 - GALERIA MEC (Montevideo, URUGUAY) - CARPE DIEM VII SALÓN DE ARTE DIGITAL Museo de Arte Contemporáneo del Zulia (Maracaibo, VENEZUELA) 08 - Generative Art (Milano, IT) 08 -